Fresh From the Nut – The Elixir of Youth

15 Jul

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -- Stay healthy!!Over the years coconut oil has received a bad wrap and I would like to clear up some of the misconceptions and confusion.  Let’s start by tackling the taboo associated with this precious natural resource — 90% of coconut oil contains saturated fat.  Oh no!!! did i say SATURATED FAT, yes I did.  The many health experts and the MEDIA that are continuously telling us that saturated fats are unhealthy for us have had to recant these claims and eat there words.  Modern science (which needs to take some lessons from ancient science) has concluded that UNREFINED/VIRGIN coconut oil is actually a VERY functional, both for external use and internal consumption.  In the past many of the test associated with coconut oil had to do with hydrogenated coconut oil or oil that had been altered from its natural form.  Today, modern medicine has realized that ANY oil that is hydrogenated or altered from its natural form is detrimental to your health…Thanks for catching up to history.  So from being one of the worst oils it is now praised as the healthiest oil on earth and incidentally there is now a coconut research center!!! (go figure).

Let’s get back to the saturated fat issue. Coconut oil is high in medium length triglycerides (MTC) with 50% of that being Lauric Acid, an ingredient that is beneficial for our bodies inside and out, including brain function.  This magnificent oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and an anti oxidant with great soothing capabilities, hence its use in cosmetics, skin care and hair care. Ayurveda considers this to be one of the pillars of healing and today, science is recognizing the positive effects it has on viruses such as HIV, herpes, influenza, etc.  There is an interesting man from Thailand who awakes people from coma and then prescribes coconut oil therapies to aid in the regeneration and stabilization of brain cells.   He has also linked the use of coconut oil with prevention of SIDS.

I personally swear by coconut oil and for the last 5 years have been using it in cooking, in homemade products (diaper creams, deodorants, wipes, face cream etc.) and a base for most of my medicated oils.  As I age, I have witnessed my skin become more youthful and vibrant and the numerous amount of compliments I receive make me feel like a celebrity (heh heh). My body has leaned out and trimmed up and my energy levels have spiked and I truly believe that Coconut oil is what I owe my dues to.  Lets briefly go through some of the benefits that are associated with UNREFINED/VIRGIN coconut oil.

Hair Care:
Praised as one of the most effective natural nutrients for hair, coconut oil helps minimize protein loss, get rid of dandruff, lice, baldness and promotes healthy growth and shiny locks. Using the oil externally or topically is the best way to go as it acts as a deep conditioner. Massage the oil into your hair 1-2 hours prior to shampooing it out, or even better yet leave it in overnight.  It also recommended that you add the shampoo to the oiled up dry hair and massage in before rinsing it out.  At this point I am sure coconut oil shampoo has crossed your mind, however in my experience you really don’t need any of those extra chemicals that are added.  If you are adamant about buying hair care products than my suggestions, and what I personally use on occasion, is Kheil’s Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner.

Skin Care:
For generations, the coconut healing powers and its ability to nourish skin have been known in many regions across the world.  It is comparable to mineral oil and is well known to clear up skin irritation such as acne/blemishes, yeast/fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. This dry fruit is popular amongst various skin care products such as creams, lotions, sun screens, balms, soaps etc. The strong anti-oxidant properties help prevent premature aging!!! The unique small molecular structure of coconut oil is important for effortless absorption through your skin to help strengthen your skin’s connective tissues. As we age these fibers are repeatedly subjected to free-radical attack and suppleness and strength is lost and wrinkles set in. Another wonderful property is that it is a NATURAL SUNSCREEN, chemical free and you cant go wrong.

Weight Loss & Digestion:
Coconut Oil contains short and medium chain fatty acids that work to remove excess weight, its easy to digest and helps in healthy function of the thyroid (hypo) and enzyme systems.  So how does it really help with weight loss?? Well it increases your metabolism by reducing the stress on your pancreas, in return burning more energy and helping over weight and obese people manage those pounds. The antimicrobial properties in coconut oil help with fighting off indigestion due to bacteria, parasites, fungal etc. and also assists the body in absorbing vital minerals, vitamins and amino acids that we need to stay healthy. This also means that its great for Diabetes, as it control blood sugar and produce insulin.  It is linked to dissolving kidney stones, strengthen teeth and bones because its high in calcium and magnesium and finally new studies have it successfully linked to reducing viral susceptibility in HIV and Cancer patients.

Heart Disease & Immune System:
Dont believe the Myth that coconut oil is bad for the hearth, the truth is that it is specifically GREAT for the heart. Since the saturated fat is 50% lauric acid and DOES NOT lead to high levels of LDL. It aids in the prevention and treatment heart disease by regulating high cholesterol, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. This Lauric acid, as mentioned through out this article, strengthens the immune system and is high in iron. When applied on infections it produces a chemical layer that protects the infected area from dust, dirt, bacteria and fungus. It helps in tissue repair, healing bruises at a faster rate.  And finally, but not last it is associated with killing viral infections such as influenza, SARS, hepatitis, herpes, etc. , bacterial infections such as UTI, throat infections, ulcers, pneumonia, etc. and fungal infections such as diaper rash, thrush, athletes foot, yeast infection, etc.

In Conclusion, you cant go wrong by introducing unrefined/virgin coconut oil into your life. Start and enriching your life by taking care of your health and well being, without this nothing else can be truly enjoyed.


4 Responses to “Fresh From the Nut – The Elixir of Youth”

  1. Jess August 1, 2011 at 03:33 #

    Great article on coconut oil. I wanted to ask how do you go about using it on your skin? How/when/ and how often do you apply it? I have naturally oily/sensitive skin and am worried by rubbing an oil on my face I’ll break out.

    • Suari Body August 2, 2011 at 21:38 #

      Hello, Well it depends on what the climate is. Alot of people who think they have oily skin actually have a layer of oil trapped under the skin and then its dry from there. When I first started to use coconut oil, I did break out but that only lasted a week and the reason was because my skin was re balancing and the dirt was coming out. I suggest that after you take a shower and put the oil on your fingertips and rub over your face, take your time leaving the house as to let it absorb into the skin. If it really bothers you then you can also mix it into yougurt, a little black pepper and put that on your face once a week. Let me know what you think.

      • Jess August 22, 2011 at 14:03 #

        I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I love it. Thanks for the tip!

        • Suari Body August 23, 2011 at 19:32 #

          Good to hear =D would love it if you passed the message forward. Peace and Love.

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