Meditation – Easy as riding a Bicycle

14 May

For many, meditation is easily dismissed as “not for me” or “I dont think i am doing it right, I cant stay still for that long”.  The point of meditation for the average person is to release the daily stress of our lives and live a more balanced and peaceful life.  This is done by bringing ourselves to the present moment and not sit in the middle of jungle like a yogi with no clothes on.

We have to be able to balance our lives alongside any spiritual practice, that means be realistic with yourself.  Just like anything we learn, meditation is like riding a bike.  Once you get the hang of it, you only get better and you never forget how to re connect with yourself again.  It takes time, patience, perseverance.

Meditation can bring up many emotions, thoughts and revelations.  It is addicting in that once you get the hand of it, you start looking forward to that time of tranquillity and stillness.  It helps us reconnect to our inner light and just be in the moment.  This article is written for those of you who are starting out or are new to this practice.  Firstly I want to say, good for you and welcome into the light, I am blessed to be able to share my experience with you.  I will make a few suggestions but please keep in mind that these are only suggestions, we are all capable of connecting to the universe in our own way, the key is to listen our inner selves.

Choose a comforting room that instantly relaxes you when you enter, and take a seat preferably the floor, but if you do use a chair choose one that allows you sit with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor. When you are ready and sitting comfortably, BREATH in and out.   Here is a good clear instructional video that is KEY to meditation and all life essentially.  The important aspect about yoga breathing during meditation is not how deep and full your breath is, but the consistency and flow of it coming in and out of your body.  Its good to set a depth of breath that is easy to maintain for at least 1 minute.  As you breath out tension releases from your muscles and they loosen and your breath will become deeper naturally.  DONT PUSH IT, allow your body to surrender and allow the universe to lead you.

Be gentle and kind with yourself, open your heart and bring yourself to a space that triggers happiness inside you.  I have heard many beginners become easily discouraged or restless because they “cant keep my mind still”.  Well I am here to tell you its okay, the mind is like a horse that gallops and gallops and will run wild from thought to thought.  Let it be, keep the body still and in one place, eventually your mind will return.  When you first start you may not be able to sit longer than 5 minutes, tho it may feel like 30 minutes, and that is okay.  Give yourself a pat on the back for starting somewhere.  As time goes on and you become more disciplined and focus, the length of your meditation will increase and you will easily find yourself sitting for an hour, which ironically will feel like 5 minutes.

Next try reciting an affirmation or mantra over and over again, like ‘OM’ or `I surrender, guide me supreme god/universe/etc..” or anything you like.  With each repetition, deepen your faith and let go.  Fall within yourself, notice which muscles are tight and release the tension in those muscles on the exhaling breath.  Use your vision and see the burdens of the day float off you into the atmosphere.  Allow the parts of your body that are touching the ground to sink into the ground beneath you, let mother earth cradle and support you.  You are safe and happy.

While meditating, sometimes our neurons and nerves clean themselves out and we feel itchy sensations or tingling or twitches, dont react to them, resist the temptation to be distracted and leave it be.  If you do have to react, then allow yourself to do so without being hard on yourself for interrupting your meditation, its okay.  I keep on stressing being kind, gentle and loving to yourself because we are connecting to our divine selves, not the controlling fearful of change ego.

Dont get caught up in 40 different techniques, there are many styles and ways of meditating.  Stick to ONE that is perfect for you and stick to it.  When its time to move on or change it up, you will instinctively know.  The goal is to expand your meditative state into all of your life, so that all activities, hobbies, interests, etc. that you take part in carry that peaceful, present and happy essence.

I would love to hear what works for you and what doesnt, so please take the time to comment.  Others that read this article may just find your ways more suitable than my own suggestions.  Love and Light.


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