Open your Heart to the Ring of Fire — A massive global awakening with Individual Strides

18 May

For the first time in 26 000 years, the annular eclipse on may 20 2012, will be coinciding a rare alignment is between our earth, the sun and the central sun that is positioned inside the Pleiades constellation.  During this time, some of you will be around those you love, cherish and adore, while others will be in meditation and yet others at work or living the day to day grind.  Whatever it is, take the moment during the eclipse to breath and open you heart to prosperity, abundance and unconditional love.  For throughout the ancient world Pleiades has been praised as the cluster of evolution and ascension.

This heavenly occasion is being presented to the world as a ring of fire, as annular eclipse means that the earth is positioned in such a way that it does not fully cover the sun, instead it forms a ring around during its peak moment.  Solar eclipses mean new beginnings and usher changes in the external world, its a great time to empower yourself by setting intentions and surrendering them to the universe.  Tho, I wont promise a smooth ride for all of us, I can say that with the planetary alignment on our side, a more conscience, harmonious and peaceful society is coming together, by supporting each individual in our own evolution.

By June 04, 2012 when the lunar eclipse (represent end of a cycle or finishing things) will take place,  we will have weeded our gardens, planted new seeds and opened ourselves to be showered in heart lead healing.  But more on the Lunar Eclipse later.  For now, lets open ourselves to the many spiritual, material and physical gifts that coming our way and join in unison to witness the massive global awakening taking place.


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