Inner Feng Shui – Love Letter

31 May

All is Divine and Perfect the way it is.

Be relaxed, Be happy and Be alive TODAY.

Clitchee on my part..I know. We are going to do some inner rearranging so run with me on this.  Live for Today…

When we are in the present moment, we are automatically placed in a light of gratitude, for truly we only are here today.  It means unifying the body, mind and spirit.  Great, so how..right?

Be conscience of your breath, by inhaling and exhaling at a regulated and comfortable speed. Surrender to the moment, everything is the way it is.

Whatever thought process is going on, Stop it by ceasing action.   Interrupt the current thought by bringing awareness to what it was.

Now, gently and lovingly repeat after me by reading the rest as though speaking to yourself:

“Thank you ego, your ambition is much needed to push me forward.  Your survival skills are remarkable and you’re a mystic of the highest form.  I re align you.  I am patient, loving, gentle and kind.  I am courageous, open and clear.  I am steadfast and come from a space of love and compassion.  Be in peace, I surrender you to my heart.

Thank you mind, your technology is great.  I am awed by the perfection of your abilities to sort and organize.  Your support is of much importance to the balance of the rest of my body.  Accept these commands as an override to the previous programming, start now.  I am in harmony with body and spirit.  I serve the divine light that shines within the four chambers of the heart.  I am happy, healthy and full of abundance.  Be in peace, I surrender to you my heart.

Thank you heart for your unconditional love. Your prayer beats strong, even when I sleep.  I am inspired by your resilience and determination to live.  The blood that flows in me is pure, strong and full of life.  Cleanse my tissue, organs, bones, glands and mind.  I am unified with my spirit, the ulitimate teacher and am filled with divine light, life and will.  Be at peace, I surrender you to my spirit.

Thank you spirit, for without your voice I would be lost in eternity.  The connection between you and the universe are inseparable.  Your prayer is of divine song and dance.  My full conscientiousness is a mere millisecond to your full conscientiousness.  I am humbled by your grace to grant me of a lifetime of beauty, harmony and love.  I am fearless and my existence is a truth.  I surrender to your will.”


2 Responses to “Inner Feng Shui – Love Letter”

  1. darshania June 28, 2012 at 16:25 #


  2. darshania June 28, 2012 at 16:24 #

    beautiful. just did the best breathing and let the words stay on my head. love it!

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