Goddess Lakshmi – Victim of the Itch to be rich

9 Oct
Lakshmi of the Dark Ages

This is image depicts the misconception of today’s understanding of Ma Lakshmi and is no way meant to deface her true meaning.

One of the funniest and most misleading phrases that I have ever heard is “Money makes the world go Around.”  How silly is that?  I didnt realize that if the market crashed, my oxygen supply from the universe would be cut off.

Dont misunderstand  me, I am not just talking about suicide victims or murder victims, I am talking more about the general view that society projects today.  We are so busy talking about financial ruin that we forget money is  NOT one of pillars that sustains life, instead its a tool that maintains a lifestyle.

We act as though the dollar bill is the end of our misfortune and the beginning of our happiness.  When in truth this belief is the seed of self annihilation through delusion and egotism.

This panic has led many around the world into channelling their fearful energy into icons of prosperity, wealth and abundance.  One of the many victims of this greed is Ma Laxami or known outside of India as Goddess Laxami.

Her true embodiment of PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE is over shadowed by the misconception that money is want over a need.  Most times, with this confused intention, she is vainly hung up on shop walls or pasted to cash registers, displayed in homes and offices and printed onto T-shirts, bags and pins.

This commercialization has led towards an abundance of preachers, lecturers and institutions that claim they will show you how to connect to the magic in exchange for your time, money and minds.  And instead of self realization, you are now reliant on having to be shown the next stage.

Many campaign with slogans such as  “pay homage to Ma Laxami so that your financial problems may end”, “say this mantra and you will manifest money”, “Learn to unleash the goddess of prosperity”, “Money manifestation” and so on.

Lets stop for one second here, breath and gather ourselves and use some of that heart intelligence.

Of course some form of prosperity or abundance will be manifested, someone has just reminded to focus your will power using a clear intent on an inanimate object.  Which is wonderful, however when this advice is paid for, especially during a time of struggle, you actually limit your prosperity and abundance.  So, under  the mantra “money makes the world go around”, tho the “rich” man’s roof is higher than the “poor” man’s roof, it is still a self placed roof none the less.

The depth of gratitude to the universe, will power and self love is the creator of our reality, including our financial position.  Empowering a depiction of a deep philosophical image, with a narrow minded pursuit has turned Ma Laxami the MOTHER of prosperity and abundance, into a commercialized goddess.  Thus creating an unbalanced prosperity and abundance in ones life.

In today’s world many have acknowledged and praised upon her blessings as showering one with currency, but have failed to recognize that this is but one fruit of prosperity that she holds.

As a united race, the human race is ever abundant and prosperous, we have been blessed to procreate.  Her image depicts not only material wealth but spiritual wealth, and all of it is to maintain procreation.

She encourages us to seek inside and find the root of our scarcity and low self worth, she is a tool for the human psyche to go within and be united with the abundance and prosperity of creation by surrendering fears and insecurities upon her.  Instead with burden her with our confusion.

Her enigma is fully realized when we see her as a mentor and reminder of the grace of the universe to provide us with ABUNDANT life and healthy continuance, the two most PROSPERING aspects of life.


Please Visit to read the full symbolism Lakshmi.,


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