Lotus Root for Cancer, Auto Immune Disorders and Cardiac Patients

7 Aug

Lotus Root is a friend to our blood, nerves and skin. Although it is used in expensive facial regiments, This article will outline the benefits for our internal health. After all, eating well almost guarantees beautiful skin and radiance from the inside out.

What is Lotus Root?
Are you familiar with lotus roots scientific name Nulembo Nucifera? It is frequently used in Japan, Vietnam, China and India. I am sure that it is used in other cultures that are exposed to lotuses, I am just unaware of them. Please feel free to comment if your family uses them!


Nulembo Nucifera (lotus Root Vegetable)

Lotus root is a Rhizome Root, since it discolors quickly after peeled, treat it gently just as you would an apple or pear. The root itself is linked to the stomach, spleen, kidneys and heart. It is harvested about 5-6 months after being planted, when the leaves of the lotus are big and full. This is an aquatic vegetable and can be found under the mud, attached to the stem. When I see it I think of the spinal column in our bodies and our blood cells.

Health Benefits
Lotus root is a good source of protein, Iron, Vitamins B and C, Collagen, Linoliec acid, Copper, Manganese, phosphorous and Calcium. It supports digestion as a source of fiber. Full Nutritional Listing

So what does this really mean for us. Lotus root supports the cardiac muscle by reducing harmful lipids and regulating blood cholesterol. It also dissolves fatty lipids in the Liver. It promotes circulation, production of healthy blood cells and removes harmful cancer radicals toxin from blood. It is recommended for Purpura and other Kidney related conditions and diseases.

It supports the stomach in digestion and removes free radicals toxins, which are Linked to Cancer and Other Degenerative diseases.

How to prepare it
Raw Lotus Root may contain parasites, therefore it is advised to pickle, cook, boil or fry it.  I personally have never eaten it raw however there are Japanese dishes that use raw lotus root and I have seen a juicing information online too.

Since I am better at showing people how to cook rather than compiling recipes, here is an article that further explains the points I have made in this article – As well as preparation methods. I am sure there are many recipes that can be found and I encourage everyone to get adventurous and share any experiments or recipes they may have.

Accountable Health Care
As usual, I am attaching some medical research and clinical articles to start your own research and also for other medical professional that may be a part of your life. Please also click on any highlighted words within the article.

If you are on a health care plan with a medical professional, please pass on this information and make sure that this consumption of this vegetable supports your current health care regiment.


The American Heart Association
US National Library of Medicine


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